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May 2016

Why I Do What I Do

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A little over a year ago, Johnatan and I prayerfully decided to embark upon a skincare business. Not knowing what the outcome would be, but trusting God that He would order my steps and guide my path. We knew that starting a family was on the horizon, and wanted to prepare ourselves for that life changing moment with a fulfilling career for me that also provided the flexibility and freedom to be a full time Mom. Watching so many of our friends make that tough decision to return to work after falling in love with their little miracle was heartbreaking. And we knew there had to be another way. So we were willing to take the risk, roll up our sleeves, and get to work.

This decision didn’t come without some raised eyebrows, some insulting comments, and some laughter from people we are close to. But here I sit today, working from home, staring at these adorable little pink shoes (courtesy of my sweet friend, Brittany) that will soon tippy-toe around our house, and I can honestly say….the laughter, the looks, and the comments don’t hold a candle to the overwhelming joy I feel knowing that I will be there for my baby girl. This is why I do this… ‪