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August 2016

People Tell Me I Am Annoying

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I often hear people say, “I’m interested in your business, but I don’t want to annoy people on Facebook.” Ha! Giiiiiiirrrrrl, we’ve ALL been annoying people on Facebook since the day we signed up. For me, that was in 2005. I started with my rants about my students (I used to teach 6th grade), then it progressed into my boastful encounters with celebrities (I used to work in TV production in Nashville), to my self-deprecating humor about my single life (I used to…well, that one really doesn’t need explaining), to pictures of my cat, to….well, you get the point.

If you think you aren’t annoying your friends just because you’re not doing this business, you’re wrong. From incessant amount of selfies, to memes of celebrities, to pictures of your dinner (really? Most annoying of all. I mean, if you’re not inviting me over to share, then just stop), to pictures your kids literally making the exact same face they made in the last 378 pics you posted of them THAT DAY, to…well, you get the point.

At least now I’m actually offering you something that can benefit you – either for your skin or for your future. And for that…you’re welcome.


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Not too long ago, I was struggling to find my place in Corp America. I loved all the people around me, but the jobs themselves left me unfulfilled on a personal level. My strengths were not being strengthened, and by default, my personality was slowly being filed away into some bottom drawer under “B” for “Boring.”

It got to a point where I didn’t even recognize myself anymore. The creative side of me was so underutilized that I found myself asking my close friends, “Remember when I used to be funny? That was real, right? It existed, right?”

Joining an industry that is commonly mistaken as as a scam or something for stay-at-home-moms looking for ways to fill their time was a big deal for me. Yes…I wanted something different, but was I willing to do THAT to get it??? I wasn’t sure, but I really felt like I had no other choice but to try.

After doing my own research, I took the leap of faith…and then something cool happened.

Not one month in to my new business did I feel my soul starting to awaken like a slow, but glorious sunrise! It wasn’t just the ability to be creative again, it was the ability to be ME again! 100% me.

As I am just days (hours, maybe…who knows) away from welcoming my little baby girl, I am so grateful that she is getting to meet ME, and not some drained version that slightly resembles me. I’m so grateful that I get to give her ME, and not some distracted person that has to count down the days before I return to my bottom drawer file. And I’m so grateful that I get to be present for HER little life’s moments, and never have to miss a single one for someone else’s dream.

Is what you’re doing fulfilling you? Is it providing you a space to be YOU, 100% YOU? If not, I would be honored to share more with you about how we can change that. Will the leap be easy? Probably not. But will it be worth it? Oh you betcha! YOU are worth it!!

More than Meets the Eye

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Not being one to push anything on anyone, I was not super comfortable with the idea of direct-sales. The whole “pyramid” thing confuses the heck out of me, and my mind is completely blown with all the jargon and levels of achievement, etc. With everything sounding so overwhelming, I would mentally peace out before you could even say “but wait…you can get a luxury CAR!”

But then I started hearing about the product more and more. Next, I would see friends of mine (SMART friends of mine…because you KNOW you have some of those friends that if you saw them doing something, you would do whatever the opposite of that was! Don’t lie…! 🙂 promoting themselves as Consultants on Facebook. Lastly, I would start running into these smart friends and see their skin and think “DANG! I have to have that!” I’m kinda known in my circle of friends as “the beauty obsessor.” Maybe it was the 3 sisters growing up, or the pageants, or the short stint in TV…whatever the case…aging for me is not an option. No ma’am, no sir. I am a Sephora employee’s dream; they see me walking in, and I immediately glaze over and soak up every word they have to say as if they were infusing life into my body. I can’t walk out of there without spending $200! It’s worse than Target for me!! But I digress…

All this to say – it became a no-brainer, and boy was I right! I am already seeing the return on my initial investment, and am watching my business grow and grow. Being able to see the beginnings of the path to financial freedom and flexibility is beyond exciting! But the BEST part….. I have the opportunity to start a God honoring business and be a blessing to others through my financial offering to Justice Ministries. I am committed to donating a percentage of my proceeds to this amazing organization that is committed to combating sex trafficking and sexual exploitation of women, with a focus on rescue & housing. As Justice Ministries strives to end this inhumane crime, we can each help in promoting this cause through my give back program.  I refuse to allow this change to start and stop with me. I want to be a vessel of love to pour out onto my customers, my team and my ministry! I want a business that is always pointing back to God, Honoring Him first which will allow me to be my best for others.

Join me in the fight against Human Trafficking! For more information about Justice Ministries, please visit their website.

Your Attitude is Aging You

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Tip, Tip, HOORAY!!

It’s that time of the week again when I open up my Treasure of Tips and pour out wisdom to my 10s of readers. (Cyber-High Five to my fans!)

Ladies – you want a skin tip??? Today’s is short and sweet: Get those eyebrows out of your hairline! “What is she talking about?” you ask. I’m talking about our attitudes. Too often, we allow our situations to take over our faces, causing us to scowl, squint and stretch our eyebrows to the heavens. But all that reaction does is contort your face and cause wrinkles. That situation, be it a silly boy, a micro-managing boss, a pushy friend, a sassy sister, a misbehaving pet, whatever it is – it will pass! I promise you! But what will last are those wrinkles that you caused with your attitude.

One of my older sisters once said to me, “learn to respond, not react, to situations.” (Clearly, wisdom runs in my family. Ha!) That simple rule of thumb will not only save relationships and your reputation, but it will also help you fight the signs of aging. Now, I’m not saying to go through life expressionless, but raising your eyebrows every time someone ticks you off is just not becoming. Take a page from The Chive and “Keep Calm and _______.” Save your lines for the good times, the laughs, the sweet moments when your significant surprises you with a romantic surcee, nights out with your girls, etc.