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September 2016

Why Would You Date You?

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On my first date with Johnatan, I asked him this question: why would you date you?

I was 34 years old. I didn’t have time to waste. I needed to know upfront if this guy and I could work. And here’s what he said:

“I’m a provider. I’m all-in. And I’m ready.”

With those simple words, my heart jumped! 8 months later we were engaged, and 3 months after that we were married. ?

So I asked myself a similar question today: why would I do business with me?

There are thousands of Consultants out there, offering essentially the same thing. But here’s what you need to know about me:

1. I am committed. I am committed to the vision of this business and committed to helping my team be the best they can be. I have taken on my role in my business full time, and through that I am committed to finding the best ways to help those that partner with me, sharing every triumph and failure with full transparency.

2. I am connected. My team leaders are truly the best! Not only are they commonly recognized by corporate for their success, but they share exclusive information with us all the time that helps our businesses grow. I’ve never met a more generous group of people with such dedication to those that partner with them.

3. I am passionate. I am hungry for knowledge – about these products and about this business and eagerly share that with my team. But with that passion, I also yield discernment. I meet my team where they are – if they are ready to run, I am laced up and running along stride for stride.

Just like I was on that first date with Johnatan, I believe there are people out there searching for something more, but need to cut to the chase on what exactly is being offered. So there you have it. Me – in three simple points. If that made your heart jump, let’s connect today about how we can partner together.


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not limited or restricted in terms of number, quantity, or extent.

Do you know what that word really means?

I didn’t. ESPECIALLY when it came to money. Before I married my financially savvy husband, I maaaaaaay have been known to put groceries on my credit card. Ha!

But when you know that your earning potential is UNLIMITED – it sets your sights on GREATER things. Groceries, mortgages, car payments, school – those are all temporary payments. The financial access that I have with my business allows me to think BEYOND payments and on to LIFE CHANGING possibilities – for me as well as thousands of others!!!

Stop and think about that for a minute. What could you do with UNLIMITED resources? Even lottery money runs out! smile emoticon I have already replaced my “real job” income, and my checks continue to grow at an average of 20% each month. But what’s better…….my monthly donation to Justice Ministries has increased 274% since my first contribution!!! I’m already praying about additional organizations to partner with as THAT is the kind of resources I am plugged in to!

It requires work – don’t let anyone tell you differently. But this is why I do it – to be a river a resources to other people. If my few hours a day can open me up more to flow more blessings onto others, you better believe that I will be giving this “job” my ALL!

What could YOU do if you were UNLIMITED?!?!