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December 2016


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Each week I like to start out with a strong focus on my goals.  In the Romero home, “goals” are a BIG focus right now.  With 2017 just days away, everyone starts making their resolutions – thinking back on the previous year and the fails and flops, and looking forward to a new year with an optimistic outlook on what’s to come.  If only there was something magical about the flipping of a calendar page that made our lives more resolved.  But, alas….

Here’s what our buddy, Mirriam Webster, has to say about resolutions:


 noun \ˌre-zə-ˈlü-shən\

: the act of finding an answer or solution to a conflict, problem, etc. : the act of resolving something

Let’s break that definition down a little bit.  “The act…” – whoa!!  Stop right there!  You mean to tell me that my resolutions are not just magical wishes I make to the New Year Fairy who has the power to make them come true without any effort on my part?!?  I have to actually DO something??  Shoot!

A dear friend once said to me, “If a dream wasn’t hard to get to and fulfill, it would be called a given.”  Can I get an “Amen!”  We can dream about a great body or an awesome job or the perfect guy all day long, but when it comes to actually going to the gym, attending the networking events, or saying NO to the guy who just texts (ahem, ladies.)…we fall short.  Everything starts with an action.  And the best actions start with a plan.    Is that committing 3 days a week to going to the gym? Reaching out to one person each week about setting up a time to talk about a career interest?  Name it. Claim it. Set it. Do it.

Let’s keep digging.  “The act of finding an answer or solution…”  Ok, good.  So we are not just aimlessly wandering.  A resolution is connected to an answer or solution.  If you flip this around…a resolution is admitting that we have a problem or issue.  Are you willing to admit that?  If so, GREAT! Let’s get to working on that action plan for the solution! YES!!!   If not, then you need to seriously reconsider your resolution.  Not recognizing the problem while simultaneously trying to fix it is like buying a FitBit and expecting that purchase alone to make the pounds melt away. (Side note, my husband got me one of these for Christmas last year.  Trying really hard not to look too much into this….)  I digress…  It doesn’t work that way.  You have to OWN the issue and OWN the plan to resolve it.

Lastly, “The act of finding an answer or solution to a conflict.”  Oh man….bring it home, Carla!   Again, this is emphasizing that our current situation is in conflict with a better outcome.   Unhappy situation or a better life?  Hmmmm….what to do…what to do?  Oh, I know!  Let’s make that action plan and set some gooooooooooooooooooooooals!  (Anyone else out there still got the World Cup bug?)

My goal, or resolution, for 2017 is to continue building my empire in order to empower myself and impact the lives of others through great skin care, as well as profit contributions to a local ministry that is dear to my heart.  I will do this through annoying the tar out of my Facebook friends with embarrassing pics of me with bouffant hair, wrinkly eyes and brown spots, and following up with each and every interested prospect about the amazing power of the product line that I so confidently stand behind.  I will not allow the NOs to dictate my progress, but rather allow them to better shape my own understanding of the products and business.  I will commit to excellence in how I serve all of my customers and consultants, pouring into them with all the skin care knowledge I have gleaned over the years of my obsession.  That is my goal.  That is my 2017.  Pumped!!!  

I Like Big BUTS, and I Cannot Lie

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I talk to people all the time about my business. Why wouldn’t I? It has dramatically blessed my life in so many ways, and I simply want to share in that blessing with others.

Inevitably, though, people are skeptical, and many conversations end with, “I really want to, but…”

I’m not here to overcome objections, be that money, time, don’t care about skincare, afraid no one will buy from you, you’re too cool for direct sales ?, don’t want to post on Facebook, etc.

I fully believe in what I am offering and the value of this brand, our products, and the change that this company is bringing to people’s lives. And if someone doesn’t see that, it’s usually because their “but” is too big.?

I had a big but, too. I was “too cool for direct sales.” ? Yep. For 2 years I turned my nose up to this opportunity! Now, having experienced what I have in the past 19 months, I’m KICKING my but!

So with that…if you are willing to have an open-minded conversation with me about your but, I would be honored to share some facts with you to see if just maybe a different perspective could bring change to your life…and maybe even shrink your but.?