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February 2017

I’m THAT Mom

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I thought I would be the kind of mom that showed my daughter how to bake cookies and do arts & crafts. Turns out, I’m the kind of mom that shows my daughter how to run a business that honors God and gives back to important causes.

Today, we shine a light on slavery to raise awareness about human sex trafficking. “More than 27 million people, many of them women and children, suffer under forced labor and sexual servitude in over 165 countries around the world, including our own.” (Sen. Bob Corker) That figure is higher than any other time in our world’s history. Join me today by showcasing a red X, either on your hands or your profile picture, to start the conversation about the prevalence of this heinous crime and how we can join together to end it! Since day one of my business, I have contributed a portion of my gross profits to Justice Ministries, a local non-profit right here in Charlotte that is committed to combatting this crime. My hope and prayer is that through growth of my business, we can make an even bigger impact in this fight!