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True Story

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4 years ago, I lived in a really nice, brand new apartment in South End Charlotte – just a few blocks away from one of the wealthiest streets in the city. I actually worked at this apartment complex as a leasing agent. We ran background and credit checks to ensure that we had top-notch residents occupying this new beautiful community. One resident in particular was a beautiful young Mom who ran a photography business. She was looking for a 2 bedroom with a den (no windows) so that she could set up for her photoshoots. We hit it off while I was giving her a tour, and I actually leased her a spacious floorpan just 3 doors down from me. A few months went by, and I noticed several other young ladies rotating through her apartment. Models, I assumed? Next, I found myself on the elevator with different men, one after the other, all different looks – business men, older men, rough looking men, young and eager men – all getting off on my floor and going to her apartment. I brought this to the attention of my manager, and we decided to do an unannounced “emergency maintenance” check on this apartment. What we found confirmed our suspicions… the “photography den” had only one thing in the room… a bare mattress in the middle of the floor. My heart dropped. How did I miss this? How did she pass the background check? How have I lived beside this girl for months – not knowing such a crime was going on right under my nose! We alerted the authorities, but it’s not as easy to bust these types of crimes as TV shows make it look. While they worked to try and catch her, we saw more men and more YOUNG women cycle through her apartment. One young girl even had her Mom drop her off and wait for her outside. When we approached the Mom, she was genuinely clueless – she thought we were a retail building and that her young daughter was inside for a job interview with a boutique. (Possibly how they advertised it – then entice them LOTS of money for a different job.) The resident must have caught on that the authorities were doing some digging, and within just a few weeks, she was gone.

I still get sick to my stomach when I think about that season of my life. How I watched something so shocking happen right before my eyes, yet felt powerless to bring any change. I thought this kind of thing only happened in the dark shadows of other major cities and third-world countries. Not mine. But it does. It happens all around us – even in broad daylight – right under our noses. Then to watch her disappear – without justice, and without any hope for these victims….I knew I had to do something!

So since the first month of my business, I have committed a percentage of my paycheck to support Justice Ministries in their efforts to combat human trafficking right here in Charlotte, NC. They focus on rescuing these women, providing shelter and a transition back to independence, while sharing the redemptive love of Christ to bring true healing to their lives.

But here’s the cool part – I got paid yesterday. And while my donation percentage has not increased, the amount I am able to give has…dramatically. By doing the same amount of work each month, sharing these amazing products with everyone I know, and empowering others to do the same… I am able to grow an income that increases month after month, allowing me to give more and more to causes that are important to me.

The average pay raise in 2018 in Corporate America is expected to be about 3%. I’m sorry – but that % is not going to allow anyone to make a difference without compromising another area of needed income. Sure – we could all decide to give more, but that would mean that something else gets less. Not with my business though. More just means more.
If you’ve read this far, thank you. 🙂 If you support my business – THANK YOU! YOU are making a difference by helping us rescue more women from this heinous crime. And if you’re ready to see what kind of impact you can make with this business, let’s connect. The world needs more movers and shakers, and I would be honored to share how this business as empowered me to do MORE!

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Make an IMPACT!

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A little over 3 years ago, if you had asked me to help raise over $175,000 for The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society in less than 10 weeks, I would have said you were off your rocker!!

But a little over 3 years ago, I said YES to an unconventional business opportunity that has given me a life of options…a life where I can say YES to more! Be that going all in on a massive fundraising campaign, writing a book on how to say PEACE OUT to the corporate world, choosing to stay at home with my baby girl, leading a team of ambitious and driven women and empowering them to live life on THEIR terms, and sooooo many other dreams up my sleeve! #ohjustyouwait

Because of the large amount that we raised in the fight for a cure for cancer, LLS reaffirmed that YES with an Impact Award where my name has been linked to a specific portfolio of research focused on non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, all in honor of my FIL, Abner, and his incredible victory over this disease. I am beyond humbled to accept this award, and I thank God for giving me the courage to embrace the uncomfortable so that I could be free to impact more lives!

What could you impact if you had more time and resources to give? Imagine the possibilities! Now let’s get after it! #writeyourownstory #daretodeviate#yourbestYES #letsconnect

End This

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As I sit here holding my baby girl with all of her innocence curled into my chest, tears roll down my face when I read articles like this. This is not just a third-world problem. It’s an OUR world problem. Even as close as miles down the road. With young children on social media these days, they are very vulnerable and susceptible to being influenced and targeted. I encourage you to become educated on this issue as it affects us all. There are so many ways you can get involved and help put a stop to this. Whether monetarily, like I have, by giving a portion of all of my sales to support Justice Ministries, Inc., or by directly volunteering with local and national organizations. Nothing will change over night, but I firmly believe that, together, we can #endthis.

Find Your Joy

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I confess. I used to look at my friends with kids and think, “that looks exhausting!” Don’t get me wrong, I have always loved kids, but the parenting aspect seemed really really hard, and I didn’t know if I had it in me! But last night as we were lying in bed, I teared up as I told Johnatan just how much I love being a Mom. How I find pure joy in teaching her how to hold a spoon, or how to clap her hands, or scoot her bottom as she learns to crawl. Even the hard stuff brings me joy, like training her to sleep through the night, or tracking her daytime patterns so that we could establish a feeding/nap schedule, or changing 100 diapers a day, some of which actually get on me. Ha! But, my goodness, when she curls up in my lap, collapses on my chest, and gives me a big, wet, gummy kiss – my heart explodes! ???

Maybe you look at my business the same way, and think, “I could never do that.” But, if nothing else, parenting has taught me to never rule anything out. For that thing you think you can’t do, may very well be connected to one of your greatest joys. I didn’t know I enjoyed leading a team because I had never had a team to lead until now. I didn’t know I enjoyed creating fun challenges and inspirational content for others until I started this. What if you discovered a joy in you that you never knew was there? What if you gave that joy a place to thrive? What if this could ignite a fire in you? What if this opened up resources that allowed you to fuel a passion you’ve had sitting on the back burner? What if your YES could impact another life?

It would be my honor to lead you in this opportunity and help you discover the joy that it has brought to me and so many others.

#daretodeviate #findyourjoy

Don’t Tune Out

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Today, Timehop prompted a picture that stopped me in my tracks…

Five years ago, my best friend’s mom came to Charlotte for business and wanted to grab dinner together. She told me about this direct sales opportunity with a premium skincare company. She told me about these two doctors and their clinically proven products, how there were no parties or inventory for the consultants, and how this company was positioned for massive success. She told me how I could be a part of the momentum and join a team of women and men who are changing their lives and the lives of so many. She told me how this could be an opportunity for me to have financial freedom and the ability to live my life on my terms.

All I heard was “direct sales,” and I tuned out. (Maybe you did, too.)

Ouch. Thank you, Timehop, for reminding me of how close-minded I was. Thank you, Doctors, for not giving up on people like me and continuing to allow us late-adopters to still join you in this incredible opportunity.

What if you made the bold decision to change your life TODAY? What would the next 5 years look like? The time is going to pass anyway…why not do something that has the power to radically change your life? I wish I had been so courageous.

#openyourmind #gettheFACTS #opportunityisknocking

You Don’t Know What You’re Saying

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“You don’t know what you’re saying…”

This was my friend’s response to someone who said to her, “man, I’m glad I don’t have kids.” Until you’ve had them, you don’t get it. You can’t fully understand the depth of love that a parent feels for their child. It’s indescribable to those who haven’t experienced it, and yet can be summed up in a smile to someone who does. Y’all, my business is the same. When you dismiss it as small potatoes or discredit it because it’s direct sales, you don’t know what you’re saying. What I have with this is challenging to explain, especially to a skeptic or a cynic. But when my teammates and I get together, all it takes is a smile to communicate the magic that we have with this opportunity.

What if it’s more than you think?  #getthefacts #experiencethemagic #waymorethanskincare

I’m THAT Mom

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I thought I would be the kind of mom that showed my daughter how to bake cookies and do arts & crafts. Turns out, I’m the kind of mom that shows my daughter how to run a business that honors God and gives back to important causes.

Today, we shine a light on slavery to raise awareness about human sex trafficking. “More than 27 million people, many of them women and children, suffer under forced labor and sexual servitude in over 165 countries around the world, including our own.” (Sen. Bob Corker) That figure is higher than any other time in our world’s history. Join me today by showcasing a red X, either on your hands or your profile picture, to start the conversation about the prevalence of this heinous crime and how we can join together to end it! Since day one of my business, I have contributed a portion of my gross profits to Justice Ministries, a local non-profit right here in Charlotte that is committed to combatting this crime. My hope and prayer is that through growth of my business, we can make an even bigger impact in this fight!

Wake Up and Drive

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Every day is full of choices. We choose to get up and go to work (or not). We choose to eat healthy (or not). We choose to be friendly (or not).

In all we do, we have a choice. That’s the beauty of this life and this amazing country we live in. We all get to get to sit in the driver’s seat of our own lives and choose where we want to go.

But for many people, you are asleep at the wheel, allowing your life to be driven blindly by the force of something else. Maybe it’s the prestige that comes with your job title (a title that keeps you away from your family and the things you truly enjoy doing). Or maybe it’s the stigma that “real jobs” are 9-5, M-F, in an office building (a routine that leaves you feeling drained at the end of each week and dreading your return). Or maybe it’s your own personal fear that, although you want more for your life, you could never accomplish more than what you have already done.

I felt the same way for so long. But 18 months ago, I realized that I had a choice. And I chose to wake up and start steering my life into the direction I wanted it to go! It required some sacrifice and hard work, but I was already sacrificing my dreams and self-worth by being asleep at the wheel.

Are you asleep at the wheel? Are you ready to wake up and take control of your future? I’m here to not only help you, but to also provide you with a new vehicle to make it all happen!

Don’t Be the “B” Word

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Too often, I hear people call themselves the “B” word.  When did this become cool?  Typically I can blame most things on the Kardashians and their influence on our culture.  And while those ladies may be many things, the “B” word – they are not.  But I’m seeing this trend everywhere.  On Facebook, in water cooler conversations, even in churches!  People even have coffee mugs and t-shirts proclaiming it like it’s a badge of honor.  Do people really think that’s attractive?  No, seriously…I’m asking.  Is this some new right of passage for women in our culture?  Like, unless you are the “B” word, then you really don’t have any significance in this world??  I even see women passing this trait on to their children – molding them into little “B” people.  What ever happened to just being content? To being at peace with yourself?  To me, I think that’s pretty cool and coffee mug worthy.

I’m talking about being busy.  That is the “B” word that is taking over our culture.  And it saddens me to no end.  Being busy is more of a parasite than a praise.  It eats away at our ability to be present in the moment – it weakens our focus on what’s important – and it causes us to really miss out on some great opportunities in life.

But yet it’s how most people, women specifically, identify themselves.  Ask 10 women today, “How are you doing?”  My guess is that 7 out of 10  (if not all) of them will say “Busy!”  We taught ourselves that to be busy is to thrive!  To be busy is to have meaning and purpose!  To be busy is to make the most out of life! When in actuality, being busy just means that you are giving a little bit of yourself to a lot of things, rather than giving your whole self to the most important things.  And now we’ve added apps and various forms of technology to help organize our busyness so that we can add more things to our plates and be even busier.  We even wear these busy-makers on our wrists, so that we can free our hands to be…well…busy.

“I’m too busy” is the #1 objection I get when I talk to people about my business.  And maybe that’s just their polite way to trying to tell me “no.”  But if that really is your reason for not wanting to engage in something like my business…ask yourself this:  Are all of the things I am busy doing really fulfilling me?  Or do I simply feel exhausted and empty at the end of my busy day?

If you aren’t happy with your answer to those questions, I really would love to talk to you more about this opportunity.  True, it’s not for everyone.  But if busyness is what is holding you back…maybe, just maybe, this is the one thing that could free you from that and give YOU – ALL of you – back to what’s important.


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Each week I like to start out with a strong focus on my goals.  In the Romero home, “goals” are a BIG focus right now.  With 2017 just days away, everyone starts making their resolutions – thinking back on the previous year and the fails and flops, and looking forward to a new year with an optimistic outlook on what’s to come.  If only there was something magical about the flipping of a calendar page that made our lives more resolved.  But, alas….

Here’s what our buddy, Mirriam Webster, has to say about resolutions:


 noun \ˌre-zə-ˈlü-shən\

: the act of finding an answer or solution to a conflict, problem, etc. : the act of resolving something

Let’s break that definition down a little bit.  “The act…” – whoa!!  Stop right there!  You mean to tell me that my resolutions are not just magical wishes I make to the New Year Fairy who has the power to make them come true without any effort on my part?!?  I have to actually DO something??  Shoot!

A dear friend once said to me, “If a dream wasn’t hard to get to and fulfill, it would be called a given.”  Can I get an “Amen!”  We can dream about a great body or an awesome job or the perfect guy all day long, but when it comes to actually going to the gym, attending the networking events, or saying NO to the guy who just texts (ahem, ladies.)…we fall short.  Everything starts with an action.  And the best actions start with a plan.    Is that committing 3 days a week to going to the gym? Reaching out to one person each week about setting up a time to talk about a career interest?  Name it. Claim it. Set it. Do it.

Let’s keep digging.  “The act of finding an answer or solution…”  Ok, good.  So we are not just aimlessly wandering.  A resolution is connected to an answer or solution.  If you flip this around…a resolution is admitting that we have a problem or issue.  Are you willing to admit that?  If so, GREAT! Let’s get to working on that action plan for the solution! YES!!!   If not, then you need to seriously reconsider your resolution.  Not recognizing the problem while simultaneously trying to fix it is like buying a FitBit and expecting that purchase alone to make the pounds melt away. (Side note, my husband got me one of these for Christmas last year.  Trying really hard not to look too much into this….)  I digress…  It doesn’t work that way.  You have to OWN the issue and OWN the plan to resolve it.

Lastly, “The act of finding an answer or solution to a conflict.”  Oh man….bring it home, Carla!   Again, this is emphasizing that our current situation is in conflict with a better outcome.   Unhappy situation or a better life?  Hmmmm….what to do…what to do?  Oh, I know!  Let’s make that action plan and set some gooooooooooooooooooooooals!  (Anyone else out there still got the World Cup bug?)

My goal, or resolution, for 2017 is to continue building my empire in order to empower myself and impact the lives of others through great skin care, as well as profit contributions to a local ministry that is dear to my heart.  I will do this through annoying the tar out of my Facebook friends with embarrassing pics of me with bouffant hair, wrinkly eyes and brown spots, and following up with each and every interested prospect about the amazing power of the product line that I so confidently stand behind.  I will not allow the NOs to dictate my progress, but rather allow them to better shape my own understanding of the products and business.  I will commit to excellence in how I serve all of my customers and consultants, pouring into them with all the skin care knowledge I have gleaned over the years of my obsession.  That is my goal.  That is my 2017.  Pumped!!!