Be Gentle!

By July 10, 2016 January 19th, 2017 Uncategorized

One of the best tips I can give for taking care of your skin is: be gentle! I cannot stress this enough! Treat you skin like it is silk, hand-woven by blind nuns. Seriously.

Often times people use very aggressive instruments to wash their face. Those cheap hand-held brushes, LOOFAHS (omg!!) and even some wash cloths can be so abrasive on your delicate skin. I often hear people say. “Treat it like it’s a baby’s skin.” Sooooooo I do just that – I use baby washcloths to wash my face!! Brilliant.

Not only are baby washcloths cheap (you’re welcome), but they are so soft and perfect for washing your delicate skin! Even the “rough” side is smooth – perfect for the cheeks and forehead, while the softer side is great for any reminisce of eye makeup left behind from your makeup remover (yes…remember, we are talking about washing your face, not removing your makeup…that is a separate step! See Friday’s post for more information on that).

Now, to be clear, by “washing” I really mean “rinsing.” Splashing, while very gentle, can not only cause a HUGE mess at your vanity, but it can also leave behind a lot of your cleanser on your face. Without fully removing your cleanser, not only can it dry out your skin, but you are also creating a barrier and more work for your next products (toner, serums, creams, etc.) Simply use your baby washcloth and lukewarm water to effectively and gently rise your face.

So instead of ruining all of your nice washcloths with makeup stains, shell out an extra $6 the next time you are at Target and get a pack of baby washcloths. Your skin will thank you!