Don’t Be the “B” Word

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Too often, I hear people call themselves the “B” word.  When did this become cool?  Typically I can blame most things on the Kardashians and their influence on our culture.  And while those ladies may be many things, the “B” word – they are not.  But I’m seeing this trend everywhere.  On Facebook, in water cooler conversations, even in churches!  People even have coffee mugs and t-shirts proclaiming it like it’s a badge of honor.  Do people really think that’s attractive?  No, seriously…I’m asking.  Is this some new right of passage for women in our culture?  Like, unless you are the “B” word, then you really don’t have any significance in this world??  I even see women passing this trait on to their children – molding them into little “B” people.  What ever happened to just being content? To being at peace with yourself?  To me, I think that’s pretty cool and coffee mug worthy.

I’m talking about being busy.  That is the “B” word that is taking over our culture.  And it saddens me to no end.  Being busy is more of a parasite than a praise.  It eats away at our ability to be present in the moment – it weakens our focus on what’s important – and it causes us to really miss out on some great opportunities in life.

But yet it’s how most people, women specifically, identify themselves.  Ask 10 women today, “How are you doing?”  My guess is that 7 out of 10  (if not all) of them will say “Busy!”  We taught ourselves that to be busy is to thrive!  To be busy is to have meaning and purpose!  To be busy is to make the most out of life! When in actuality, being busy just means that you are giving a little bit of yourself to a lot of things, rather than giving your whole self to the most important things.  And now we’ve added apps and various forms of technology to help organize our busyness so that we can add more things to our plates and be even busier.  We even wear these busy-makers on our wrists, so that we can free our hands to be…well…busy.

“I’m too busy” is the #1 objection I get when I talk to people about my business.  And maybe that’s just their polite way to trying to tell me “no.”  But if that really is your reason for not wanting to engage in something like my business…ask yourself this:  Are all of the things I am busy doing really fulfilling me?  Or do I simply feel exhausted and empty at the end of my busy day?

If you aren’t happy with your answer to those questions, I really would love to talk to you more about this opportunity.  True, it’s not for everyone.  But if busyness is what is holding you back…maybe, just maybe, this is the one thing that could free you from that and give YOU – ALL of you – back to what’s important.

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