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not limited or restricted in terms of number, quantity, or extent.

Do you know what that word really means?

I didn’t. ESPECIALLY when it came to money. Before I married my financially savvy husband, I maaaaaaay have been known to put groceries on my credit card. Ha!

But when you know that your earning potential is UNLIMITED – it sets your sights on GREATER things. Groceries, mortgages, car payments, school – those are all temporary payments. The financial access that I have with my business allows me to think BEYOND payments and on to LIFE CHANGING possibilities – for me as well as thousands of others!!!

Stop and think about that for a minute. What could you do with UNLIMITED resources? Even lottery money runs out! smile emoticon I have already replaced my “real job” income, and my checks continue to grow at an average of 20% each month. But what’s better…….my monthly donation to Justice Ministries has increased 274% since my first contribution!!! I’m already praying about additional organizations to partner with as THAT is the kind of resources I am plugged in to!

It requires work – don’t let anyone tell you differently. But this is why I do it – to be a river a resources to other people. If my few hours a day can open me up more to flow more blessings onto others, you better believe that I will be giving this “job” my ALL!

What could YOU do if you were UNLIMITED?!?!

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