Want a Job with REAL Benefits?

By November 5, 2016 February 2nd, 2017 Uncategorized

Let’s talk about benefits….

I often hear people say that they can’t do my business because they need something with benefits. The average monthly cost of health insurance coverage without a subsidy is $286 for an individual and $727 for a family (http://bit.ly/1SgBC5f) Sounds steep, right?

But at what price are you paying to have that cost covered by someone else, rather than covering it yourself? Are you truly fulfilled by what you’re doing? Do you find yourself longing for more time with your family, friends, or even yourself? Are you frequently rewarded for your hard work, or does it go unnoticed no matter what you contribute?

Many people would rather pay those monthly prices for a car than for their own health and happiness. A car that depreciates every time you crank it up, versus your overall happiness which increases the value of your health, your relationships, and your overall community. Or, think about this…by investing in YOU and daring to do something a little bit different, you could actually reduce (or eliminate) the amount you pay in childcare and give your children what they really want….you.

What if in less than 2 years you could replace your current salary? That time will pass anyway…why not do something in the meantime that is setting you up for a life with real purpose and priceless benefits? ‪